Soosh: Monthly Digital Marketing Subscription that Gets the Job Done

Have you ever been stuck paying exorbitant agency fees for a digital marketing campaign that just wasn’t reaping results? Or requested for help on a task, only to realise it wasn’t included in the contract?

Thankfully, there’s now a way for you to get quality digital marketing services done for you – with zero commitment and a hundred percent transparency! Say goodbye to long-term contracts and hidden costs with Soosh!

How does Soosh Work?

Simply start your monthly or quarterly subscription with Soosh to get a dedicated assistant for your digital marketing needs. You get an unlimited number of jobs that can be done per month. The caveat is that only 2 or 3 projects will be run concurrently at any one time, depending on whether you chose the Startup or SME subscription plan.

An unlimited number of revisions is provided, so you’re sure to get something you’re satisfied with!

How is Soosh Different from the Rest?

As you know, traditional marketing agencies charge hefty quotations based on clearly defined job scopes and could go up to 5 figures. Any time you require extra services or man hours, you will be charged extra fees which bring the overall cost even higher. It is also common for contracts to be signed for at least 6 months or more.

These can all pose a challenge to startups and small local businesses that simply require short-term, adhoc services. You want to get the job done so that you can be free to do other tasks – and that’s what Soosh is here to do for you!

What Digital Marketing Services does Soosh Provide and How Much do they Cost?

Soosh’s digital marketing services consist of content creation like,

  • Copywriting (700 – 800 words article for your website)
  • Creating of creatives (Making content for your social media)
  • Running ad campaigns to drive traffic and sales for your business

They offer two reasonably priced plans – the Startup plan goes at $400 per month ($13.33/day) and offers 2 simultaneous jobs, unlimited requests and revisions, while the SME plan goes at $550 per month ($18.33/day) for the same services, and 3 simultaneous jobs instead.

Before starting a task, Soosh’s representative will let the client know the specific lead time. As a guide, each task takes about 1 – 2 business days, except for article writing, where the turnaround is about 6 – 7 business days.

If you are looking specifically for content marketing and social media management services, you can also check out their Social Media Management package, which runs at $500 monthly ($16.66/day) for the startup plan and $800 ($26.66/day) for the more extensive SME plan!

The best part is, their social media management services are not limited to just Facebook and Instagram. Twitter, Pinterest and Tiktok are also included to help you grow and engage more followers!

How is Soosh able to provide these services at a fraction of the “standard market rates”

Simple, no fancy office, no fancy marketing and no chance to inflate the quotations based on how well the client’s company is doing.


Whether you’re a startup or SME, Soosh is equipped with the right tools and talents to help you gain a competitive edge with their digital marketing services. Moving away from traditional marketing agencies, Soosh positions itself as a startup that aims to disrupt this industry by offering a cheaper and safer alternative of just $13.33/day to business owners for a wide array of digital marketing services.

Check out now and get your digital marketing done by experts for half the price of an intern!

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